Melcour Security Solutions: Our Team
  • We design and build systems that keep you and your properties safe.

    We design and build systems that keep you and your properties safe.

  • Our advanced technology security systems are top of the line.

    Our advanced technology security systems are top of the line.

When it comes to your business’ security, second-best simply doesn’t cut it. Only the best, most knowledgeable experts will do. That’s why Claude Bernard has assembled an all-star team of security experts at Melcour. At the management level, we have more than 80 years of experience in the security systems and service industry.

Our team includes professionally trained project managers with years of practical, on-site experience, estimators and factory-trained, certified security technicians. We’ve handled every type of business installation, small, mid-sized and big business security needs. Melcour is also a familiar name amongst the GTA’s top middle schools, entrusted to install security systems and services to protect staff and students at institutions across Ontario.

Claude Bernard

Claude2In 2002, Melcour Security Solutions started as the vision of owner/operator Claude Bernard, one of the Greater Toronto Area’s most trusted and knowledgeable security experts.

Claude has over 28 years of security experience. He has a special understanding of access control. Whether it’s CCTV, Voice Communications or Doors Security hardware, Claude has the most up-to-date knowledge and experience possible. He also ensures every system his company installs is both state-of-the-art and easy to use.

How trusted is Claude Bernard in the Toronto security system community? He’s often called in and sub-contracted by other security companies for jobs requiring a superior level of expertise. Melcour Security Solutions is founded on unrivaled security expertise.

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Adrian McPeake

adrian2It’s no wonder Adrian McPeake, Melcour’s Director of Operations, is so respected in the security industry; he started on the frontlines and worked his way into an executive role over a career spanning 16 years.

Adrian started as a field technician in 1995 before moving into a service and customer support role a few years later. While there, he gained a thorough understanding of customer relationships and employee managerial skills.

Adrian became a service and installation manager, earning a sterling reputation for his ability to strategize, organize and develop the skills of his technician team. Because of Adrian’s prior experience doing what they did, technicians naturally responded to his leadership.

He founded his own company, SureTech Security Systems Inc., in 2005.”Our focus was quality workmanship with professionally delivered customer service and support,” Adrian says. After several productive years, Adrian merged SureTech with Melcour Security Solutions in April of 2011. He now works as the company’s director of operations alongside founder Claude Bernard.