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Access Control Systems

Keep unwanted visitors out

Since 2002, we’ve provided top-quality access control systems for the commercial, government, industrial and institutional sectors, both public and private. In fact, access control is a specialty of ours. Our team of experts can install and monitor your system in a timely and affordable manner – and provide an extended warranty.

Why access control?

Access control is any system designed to control which people have access to certain areas and information — both physical and virtual. A card reader on a door or a safe with a combination are both simple forms of access control, as is a password for a server. Not only does access control ensure that only the right people have access to certain places or information, but it will also help tip you off when the wrong people try to gain access.

Types of access control we offer

Melcour Security Solutions offers:

Physical access: We give you control (even from a remote location) of who can access which areas of a given facility

Biometrics: One of Melcour’s most state-of-the-art offerings is biometrics, or “cardless” access control. We can set up fingerprint reading systems or even retina readers – just like something you’d see in a James Bond movie.

IT network access: As a security measure, some companies host certain valuable information on private IP networks. At Melcour, we can enhance your level of IT security.

Melcour is an authorized dealer and installer of:

Keyscan Access Control systems 

Kantech Access Control systems (Global certified) 

aPod System by Online Security Technologies


aPod Alarm Panel Interface Brochure



aPod Access Control System Brochure


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